My website has been down this past month, so I have not been able to keep regularly posting entires. My apologies for that. But I'm back, and I aim to keep my blog going. Now then, where were we?

I've been working on my solo electronic album lately, and I've even managed to get the attention of brilliant producer and keyboardist Jonah McLean, aka DUX. If you haven't heard of him, look up "itsduxmusic." When I take piano lessons, I feel pushed to work more, because I have somebody with expertise taking the time to evaluate my work, and I feel responsible. Having a producer to work with pushes me in the same manner. I'm actually now bringing in my electronic pieces to my piano lessons to examine how to improvise over them. I'm really enjoying the result. I'm looking forward to making some significant progress in the coming months.

I haven't heard very much electronic music with highly skilled improvising pianists. This is probably for a number of reasons. 1) Highly skilled improvising pianists probably find most of their work and study in jazz, and few jazz artists use electronics (as in laptops, sequencers, controllers, synths). 2) Most producers probably haven't been trained to be highly skilled improvisers on piano, and so they lack the ability to add that element, or even to account for that element. It's rare when I come across electronic music that satisfies me with excellent pianistic passages and beautiful, warm electronics.