Teaching Children
I've been teaching piano lessons since I was sixteen years old. It has been mostly an on-and-off gig for the majority of that time, until I graduated from school in 2013 and needed to work much more. Now I teach twenty-two students, most of whom are young children. After two years, I feel that I've learned so much and I have become a very good teacher, or so I've been told by parents.

In the beginning, I was very unsure of how to best help students improve their sight-reading and technique. I wasn't even very familiar with the best books for the kids. But after two years, I've gained so much confidence and insight into what challenges are the greatest for little ones learning piano. It's actually become very enjoyable working with kids, and seeing them make the right connections with the instrument. I especially admire the youngsters who behave quite seriously about learning the instrument, and always come in prepared. Nowadays, parents comment on how good I am at working with little kids, how patient and helpful I am, how quickly I address issues. I feel great pride in that.

I believe it is almost inevitable that musicians end up teaching, because so many people want to learn music. Once one is able to find pride in that work, life as a musician is simply fantastic! You either gig, compose, or teach, and all of it gives you joy. What a deal!