A long time ago, my brother showed me a trio called Animals As Leaders. The group is labeled as a metal band, but I hear great harmonic depth and musicality in their compositions. I think most of the material is written by the very talented guitarist Tosin Abasi. I was so inspired by his music, that I had started composing a piece for my trio in the same vein as his music. But I never completed the composition. I had assembled some motivic ideas, and even rehearsed them with the drummer, but nothing more.

Recently, I decided to sit down and complete the composition. Over time, the ideas have evolved, and have taken on new and unexpected forms. The piece still reflects a similar vein as the metal band. Having finished the composition, I am motivated to dig into my memory of unfinished works and give them life. The sense of accomplishment is great when I complete a piece. I'm calling this work Abasi.