Tuning Drums
This might seem like a silly topic, but I have recently became attuned to the magic of tuning drums. I have been working in Ableton on a handful of electronic works, probably best categorized in the ambient or IDM genre, but I don't care much for those labels. At first, I just picked drum sounds that had interesting timbres. Often, those were distorted or glitchy sounds. As of late, I took it one step further and started exploring pitch with percussion. I feel that my ability to hear pitches has only recently improved to a level where I can distinguish distinct pitches from cymbals, snares, and bass drums. What I have found is that when drums are tuned to a key that matches the rest of the work, they melt into the resulting soundscape like asteroids falling into the outer layers of a burning star. The way these sounds coalesce is beautiful. I advise all producers of electronic music to explore the benefits of establishing a harmonic symbiosis between drums and melodic instruments. Everything fits like clockwork.