I heard a piece by Jonny Greenwood, called Alethia. The music was gorgeous, and the name grabbed my attention. The word means truthfulness, and refers to the Greek mythical goddess of truth. I had been composing a simple piece for piano (could be performed as a trio), and upon completion felt this piece would be well suited with the same title.

I say simple in that it is only three pages, and follows a basic ABA type strutter, with variations. It's metric layout is that of 5 + 4 + 4. That is, the song is mostly in 13. I don't sit down and decide before hand that I will compose something torturous in 13 because its rare and challenging. I just start playing the ideas I hear, and they usually turn out to have odd metric designs. Most of the harmonic design is simple triads and inversions, which I feel sometimes are best for producing the most harmonious and resolved cadences.

The next step is to mater the performance of the work. The most difficult part will be improvising over the quickly changing chords, and the odd meter. The left hand must be practiced repeatedly until the rhythmic pattern is completely ingrained, so that the right hand can move freely and perform opposing rhythms and subdivisions.

I also have been playing around with new design ideas for this website. It's important for a composer's website to contain easily accessible information about his or her works and history, and everybody has their own idea as to how that is best achieved on a website. I aim to have my new layout up within the month.

While working on the new layout, I completed a full catalog of all of my musical works, divided into three categories: acoustic, electro-acoustic electronic. My earliest documented pieces date back to 2008, which is only 7 years ago, and marks my second quarter of my first year at UCSD. My earlier musical ideas were realized later, once I had the tools and knowledge to write them. Its strange to think I've only been notating music for such a short period of time. It feels like much longer. In total, there are a little over 100 pieces, the majority being either acoustic or electronic, and the fewest being electro-acoustic.

Most of my electronic works, I feel, are quite primitive, and represent my early attempts at exploring electronic music production, using mostly Reason, and eventually Logic. Few of those works are longer than 1 or 2 minutes, because my compositional goal at the time was not to explore an idea to its end, but to merely create as many ideas as possible, and move on. Presently, my interest in electronic music is in unraveling a musical idea to an end.

Between practicing, composing, and transcribing, I feel there is so much work to be done.