Working On A Musical
This week and last week, I've been working on a brand new musical, written and directed by one of the heads of Relativity School. I was enlisted to create an arrangement of three very popular songs on the radio to serve as the opening to the show. The instrumentation is comprised of seven vocalists, piano, guitar, bass, and drums. I was also asked to compose an electronic sequence to accompany the band. It's been a very fun project working out ways of cutting songs shorter, transposing so everything flows smoothly, and moving vocal lines around among different singers. I'm looking forward to turning in the final score/stem this weekend, and hopefully getting a chance to see the end result performed live in front of an audience.

Also, this week, Mark Guiliana's BEAT MUSIC project will be performing (CD release party) at the Blue Whale in LA (Thursday and Friday night). They are one of the most impressive live electro-acoustic bands out there. Check them out!