Original Exercises
I spend most of yesterday inputting all of the exercises from my piano lessons into Sibelius. The exercises are biweekly assignments, where I have to invent a simple motif (usually using a pentatonic scale, or some arrangements of 5 -7 notes), and then modulate that motif diatonically, and later chromatically. Effectively, this is practice in the art of transposing, which is vital for mastering one's instrument and truly being knowledgable as an improviser.

Normally I scribble down my exercises on manuscript paper, so I keep some record of the assignment. But those can get very messy, especially if I also need to write down proper fingering beneath every note. Sometimes I work on permutations of those exercises and have no record of those except for my memory. I decided I should start formally keeping a record of all of those exercises, first by naming them, and then by transcribing them into Sibelius (into a collection). I already have 18 pages of exercises (14 pages of which are variations on augmented scale patterns outlining triads and major seventh chords in different ascending and descending styles). As I invent more exercises (motifs) I'll add them to my catalogue.

Composing exercises is also composing.