Lament for the Earth
Over the past month I've been writing a new piece that started out as a piece for solo piano. Today I finished my newest composition for piano and violin entitled "Lament for the Earth." I can't wait to get the music printed tomorrow.

I started off with just a very simple melodic idea, and initially decided to keep the difficulty at a minimum for this piece, so as to make it as accessible as possible to anyone who might want to try it out. Eventually, though, I couldn't help myself and wrote a few passages that require some figuring out.

During the time I wrote the piece, I had been following several social media pages that expose all sorts of political and socio-economic issues that, frankly, make me feel pretty sad. It seems so difficult in out current system to effectively make lasting changes. When you look at the distribution of wealth across the globe, and the way greedy corporations irresponsibly decimate our vital natural resources, and how so many people appear to have far more enthusiasm about trivial things like sports (billions of dollars spent on FIFA for example) than they are about saving the lives of the suffering and starving, the news continues to report mass shootings and police brutality, and our government subsidizes food that makes us ill. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

Makes some changes. You may inspire others to follow.