When I first decided to create an online presence for myself, I chose to use Tumblr as my host for a webpage. This was years ago, maybe 2008 or 2009. I setup an account and a page that had my bio, pictures, scores, contact info, blog, and a link to a bandcamp site which housed my music. It was pretty rudimentary, but it had everything potential clients would want to see for a website. I decided to just go with my full name: Daniel Andress Sanchez. Squish all that together, and you end up with danielandresssanchez.tumblr.com. Those three 'sss' in the middle are ghastly. This is a very long and somewhat unattractive web domain, but I figured it would have to do.

Years later, my friend Zac and I designed a new website from scratch and bought a professional web domain. I wanted something easier to remember, and easier to type. I went with dasmusic.org, because it condensed my initials and met my requirements. The new website would integrate everything to one single site: music, scores, MFA Thesis, blog, etc. We came up with a minimal and sleek design that I think works well with the aesthetic I'm pursuing. As soon as we had the new site up and running, I deleted the Tumblr account.

Now, I expected Tumblr to delete my web address, and for my page to no longer exist. At least that's how I thought it worked. Evidently (and to my dismay), danielandresssanchez.tumblr.com is still in use, but not by me. I guess Tumblr gave away my web address to a new author. I was under the impression that a deleted account would go idle or remain dormant. I had no idea Tumblr would give my old account away to a stranger. So apparently there is a website with my full name (which used to be my website before dasmusic.org), and now someone else is the owner of that site. I've emailed Tumblr asking why someone else is now using danielandresssanchez.tumblr.com, but they refused to help me. How disappointing.

In any case, to avoid any confusion, let me make this clear: I am in no way associated with danielandresssanchez.tumblr.com.

Thanks Tumblr.