Practice Early
In college, I had a TA who was a cello performance DMA student, and she once explained to me the importance of regular practice. She said she practiced from 6 to 9 am every morning, because it was the only time of day when she wasn't occupied with other responsibilities. I tried waking up at 6 am to practice a few times last week, but I found that I could hardly concentrate enough to practice in a productive manner. My warm-ups were uneven, and my fingers kept stumbling. It wasn't working. So instead, I took to waking up at 6 am to read in the living room for half-an-hour, followed by practicing. I discovered that it worked 1,000 percent better for me.

A few days ago I compiled all of the circuit-bending glitch sounds my friend Zac and I have recorded over the past year or so (some 400 samples), and mapped them into 5 drum racks in Ableton Live 9. The mappings were saved as different presets for my MIDI keyboard, and now I effectively have the equivalent of 5 full keyboards (88 keys each) of pure glitch sounds. In my studio I keep my two keyboards stacked, and I was trying out my new glitch keyboard presets in combination with grand piano and rhodes. I feel so inspired to compose.