New Controllers
I've ordered two new MIDI controllers this past week, which means once I retrieve my other keyboard from Arizona, my new "ultimate performance setup" will include a Korg SV-1, Casio Privio 300, two Korg NanoKONTROL2s, a Novtion LaunchPadMini, my MacBook Pro, and perhaps y iPod and iPhone for additional control as well.

The Korg NanoKONTROL2 is a great little controller with 8 dials, 8 sliders, and 35 buttons. Having two in my arsenal is plenty. Plus, the LaunchPadMini has an additional 64 buttons for control. These next few months will be very exciting with the new music I'll be composing.

Ableton is really allowing me to work alone, in the sense that I can easily set up dozens of presets, controllers, tracks, and perform at my keyboard by myself. As I practice my new composites, I feel like I am performing with a group, only because so many different musical events are happening as if I had a band reading my charts. There is some getting used to reaching over and activating various controls, triggering different parts of a track, and jumping right back into to improvising. But I'm looking at this as if I were learning a new instrument. It will take practice and some getting used to before these MIDI controllers are fully integrated into my performance practice.

What's on my calendar for tonight? Circuit bending.