How Much Time?
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Sometimes I am shocked that a week has passed. I'll teach a student, and then later that day think about things I need to accomplish that week. Before I know it, I'm having another lesson with the same student, and I'm reminded that the week is over, and I might be in exactly the same position as the week before. And then it happens again.

Roger Reynolds once lectured to some students, myself included, that most people do not do what they think they do with their time. He advised us to experiment for one week by keeping a journal, and tediously recording all of our activities for seven days. At the end of a week, we could look back and examine how we passed the time.

It's important to step back and consider how your time is being spent. If all that matters is today, then we should do our best to avoid doing things that we think are urgent, things we do not feel are that important to us. You don't want to run out of time.

I hear a lot of similarity between Alessia Cara and Portishead.