Making Instruments
A friend of mine showed me a fretless electric bass that he made himself. Parts of it, like the neck, were built from a gorgeous light colored wood that had several marks in it, that looked to me like freckles. The back of the neck had emerald markers in the shape of sharks. The pickup was custom. The entire instrument seemed so unique that way. It made me think about the customizability of instruments, and how that allows musicians extremely personalized avenues of expressivity.

The guitar family is a great example. Many guitarists build their own custom guitars, deciding on what kind of pickup to use, the shape of the guitar, the wood, the strings, and other factors. Some players go even further and design hybrid guitars that have more than six strings. Bear in mind that these guitarists also have the option of setting their own custom tuning for their instruments, and many do just that! There are players who have no competition because they are the only one who can perform on their specific instrument. It's an incredible union, absolute uniqueness, allowing a musician to explore new ways of expressing themselves, and pushing forward the tradition.