True Expression
There has never been a society discovered without a history of music.

I treat sounds like possessions. When I compose, the combination of harmony and rhythms I select reminds me of the culture of body modification and adornment, the way people select different artistic styles to implant or tattoo onto their skin as representation of who they are. Jimmy has the dragon tattoo on his arm. Alicia has the septum and tragus piercings. Dani makes glitch music.

There is so much layered into a composition. An entire lifetime of musical study plays a role in the decisions made during the writing process. Maintaining a consistent composition regiment will invariably give the composer greater experience, and his music will evolve and (in theory) improve over time. The composer is arranging sounds that have a personal meaning or significance to him, and assembling them in an order to create audible decorations for the passage of time. The listeners all travel through time together and experience an individual's perspective, a personal expression that the composer meticulously constructed having exhausted several other possibilities that the listener does not hear.

I began another composition yesterday as a form of therapy. Sometimes the act of creation is the most logical outlet for overwhelming emotions. The resultant creation is a historical artifact of one's life that will always represent that moment in time. Which is why listening to music sometimes feels like time travel.