This month has been very busy. I have 36 students now, 6 gigs this month, and my EP mixes are complete and ready to be sent out! It is important to avoid overexertion.

I recently saw a video that was urging young people to stop attempting to follow their passions, because by doing so they might miss out on many wonderful opportunities, and they might not have the skills necessary to fulfill their dreams. Although I can understand and appreciate the warning of that message, that is, do not allow one's passions to blind one of great opportunities, I still feel that taking an opportunity for the sake of it being an opportunity might ultimately not be in the best interest of the individual in the long term. If we are considering a person's self-worth, we must presume the individual cares to secure a living doing something that grants her satisfaction. That doesn't mean that the work must perfectly align with the passion, but it must contribute in some way to the person's attainment of that passion, and provide a sense of worth to the individual.

I think when people are underemployed or misemployed, they perform poorly at work and feel little self-worth from the hours they sacrifice earning someone else good wages. A lot of people find themselves underemployed or misemployed because they seized an easy opportunity which was presented to them. I think those who follow their interests into the workforce might also find themselves underemployed at some points in their career, but at least they are unlikely to be misemployed.

With the world being so interconnected, the global markets trade without limits, social media reaches the farthest corners of the planet, it seems like a new generation has embraced the possibility of pursuing passion by focusing on niche products and niche markets. Whether that be specialty goods, archaic knowledge, or a unique style, the buyers are waiting, and even searching for you.

So yes, follow your passion. And be very very good at it. Be unlike anyone else. Study it and continue to improve at it for your whole life. Others will take note.