I had a very productive session with Dux yesterday. He has helped me to modify my innocent tracks that held potential into polished works ready for distribution. I'm looking forward to a wis release. If CD Baby works quickly, the music will be available this month.

If I have to choose between exploring a musical path where I pursue the calling of a jazz pianist, or the calling of a solo electro-acoustic artist, which one makes more sense? They both interest me. Does a decision need to be made? I suppose in a manner of speaking, in terms of day to day work focus, there are only so many hours in a day, and therefore, pick something. Do this or that.

I was at a jam session a few weeks back at the Blue Whale. My main reason for going is to remind myself of the growth available. I love hearing the other pianists who have such diverse skills in exploring that music. I always leave very inspired to practice. At this particular session, I remember playing a few tunes I didn't know (I read them off of someone's iPhone). We ended with a blues.

I left Little Tokyo thinking, I should probably make time to work on some Blues things. And then I thought about the time I've been spending developing new ambient, glitch, downtempo electronic music, layered with pretty harmonies, on top of which I'm working out ways to improvise. It seems clear to me that at this point in my career, the electro-acoustic path is my most important (and personally satisfying).

The other huge advantage of focusing on solo electro-acoustic music at the moment is that I can rely on myself. Hiring a drummer, bassist, and horn players is not free. And scheduling between 2-5 players is difficult. Also, paying gigs in LA.

Does that make sense?

What till you hear what I've made.

It's off to a jam session at USC now.