This week's musical focal point has been mixing in Ableton Live. I'm taking rough tracks that are close to completion, and isolating every sound. That means every hiss, every buzz, every hit-hat hit, and every synth. I look at the frequencies across the spectrum with one of Live's tools, and look for appropriate ranges for each sound. It's like finding a sonic 'home' for the noises. Then I color code everything by category (lows/basses/kicks, snares/hats/percussion/, synths). It's so organized; it's relaxing to observe.

Meanwhile, I'm working on laying behind the beat as an improvising strategy. It is difficult to master because one must avoid being too much behind the beat, and thus, late. I suppose the appeal of this tactic is that it gives the performer more of an edgy, organic sound, versus a rhythmically quantized even stream of sounds.

I'm reading "The Sixth Extinction." It's incredible. Surveying the geological epochs before studying the current Anthropocene, Elizabeth Kolbert reveals devastating predictions scientists are making for our future. A great companion to "The Doomsday Book" by Gordon Rattray Taylor.

Earth Day is Friday. Do something good for the planet that day. Don't contribute to pollution or other destructive acts.