Self Improvement
This week I had a lesson with Thavius Beck for Ableton Live, and with Vardan Ovsepian for piano. The focus in both cases were my compositions. I've gotten more comfortable with the idea of putting all of my ideas and musical skills into one outlet. My current focus is to compose detailed electronic music, ambient with rich harmonic design, that provides a space for me to improvise on piano (and other keyboard instruments).

Putting forward the effort to improve myself and my music in clear and goal oriented ways gives me great comfort, and convinces me that my work can make a difference. As I discover more about the state of the earth and the environmental disasters that are caused by corporate negligence and bribed policy makers, I become all the more determined to alter my lifestyle in ways that defy the economic goals of those business giants.

Don't forget to check out my artist page, which has more detail on how to alter your lifestyle to implement change:

The EP will be done soon (just finalizing some tracks with Dux), yet I've already begun working on the next one. It will be even better than the current one. Starting lessons again is pushing me to critically explore every element in my music. I want every sound to have a purpose, no wasted materials, noises carefully crafted, every chord conveying the gravity of my concerns, every note communicating hope of unlocking ideas that wait just beyond our scope of perception.