Syrxio Gig
I performed last week in Venice, promoting my upcoming EP, Syrxio. It was a great experience, and gave me really good practical knowledge of things I need to do better next time. Loading the Live sets individually between songs takes too long, and leaves more silence than I'd like. I'll have to prepare a massive Live set, with most tracks compiled into single tracks, leaving only a few MIDI tracks working as live instruments for me to toggle through. the cue track I made was very helpful, but I kept the volume too low, and my headphones kept coming out. I'll need to invest in a pair that hook to the ear.

But it was so fun. I had so much of my stuff on stage. Two keyboards, a mixer controller, a pad controller, a laptop, audio interface, external hard drive, notebook, manuscript paper with music scribbled on, sunglasses, keys, an iPod, a folder, a little mirror, a TV dinner stand, business cards, and some whiskey. I had a blast, and felt inspired to pursue more shows like that.

True to what I vowed on, I gave half of my earnings from that show to environmental activist orgs. In this case, I gave it to Boyan Slatt's Ocean Cleanup Project. Look it up.