Dexterity 2
I went to see a show last week at the Blue Whale, mostly because of a pianist whom I wanted to see perform. I hadn't seen this particular musician for years, but knew of his great skill as a composer and performer. I won't mention his name.

The concert was fun, and had an awesome line-up of players. The compositions were impressive. The room was full.

The pianist played a lot of notes. Fast notes. Lots of ideas, and very little breathing room. I quickly got bored of his playing. I couldn't hear a sense of narrative through the improvisation. Everything felt so rushed. I dissatisfied. And it made me think about my own playing.

The content is so important. Every small idea that gets used as a building block should be treated as a carefully developed motif. I've learned that using space brings more drama than no space, and showing restraint is more of an indicator of musical maturity than showing no restraint. Those are some concepts I'm working to incorporate more into my playing.

I finished a couple of new arrangements that I will be trying out with my trio this weekend. Also, we'll see if I receive any noise complaints here at my studio. Hopefully not.

Also, my zero-waste living is going pretty well. On a day to day basis, I've gotten used to the changes I've made, but it still seems like I forget lots of things, like to remind fast food places not to include a plastic fork and napkin, or trying to explain to a student that I would prefer not to have bottled water. Still, this year, I've only taken out the trash 3 times, which I think is very impressive, compared to taking out the trash every 5 days or so before. This last batch was only half full. I had to take it out because it had non-vegan food stained styrofoam that was going to start growing things, had it been left for another few weeks. But normally, all of my vegan food scraps are taken to the nearest compost, and my garbage never has food, thus, no foul smells or moldy growths.