I'm recovering from the flu. That should be the end of my entry for today.

I don't usually get the flu. Most often, its just a cold that makes me annoyed for a few days. The flu, though, takes me down. It gets me to call off of work, which I hate doing. It also takes away my appetite, which slows down the recovery process. Thankfully, it seems I am finishing recovery, having taking medicine like a smart chap, and spent the last four or five days sleeping extra. Hooray for sleep!

It's remarkable how often new tasks and chores pop up into my life that are seemingly urgent and pretend to demand my immediate attention. Those tasks will continue to appear, week after week, year after year, and I will always have those mundane unimportant tasks that just "need to get done." Which is why those should be treated as second priorities, or heck, last priorities, after all of the important and creative stuff that deals with personal growth and health. Yes, I see the stack of tax papers, and business expense write-offs that need to be catalogued, and the recycling bins are overflowing, and I need to register that warranty on that thing so I can send it in for a replacement, and other stuff too. But I need to be creative. So that comes first. Getting my artistry and vision out into a physical form is the first job. Tasks happen when and if there is time.

Go play.