Last week, I came home from a gig in Bolivia with the internationally renowned singer, Ana Barbara. I played keyboards in front of 2,000 people in a make-shift concert stage somewhere in La Paz. It was a remarkable experience to say the least. The band I worked with was very talented and professional. Despite several last minute changes to the concert, and numerous logistical hiccups, we delivered a wonderful concert and pulled through. I am really grateful to have played with them. Thanks Bolivia.

I'm back in Upland now, getting more private students, and preparing a new adult electronic music production course for one of my schools, which will focus mostly on Ableton. This is very exciting stuff; Ableton is one of the best programs out there for live electronic performance. It'll be a 5-week course that Relativity School is offering in LA, meeting 2 days a week for 3 hours each day. I'm looking forward to running that workshop.

The trio just had a gig a few days ago in Laguna Hills, playing for a very receptive crowd of seniors. There was a woman who was 105 dancing more than anyone else! Imagine that. It's always so gratifying to have people come up after the show and compliment us on our performance. You have to imagine that some of these seniors were listening to this kind of music when they were my age, so they are especially familiar with how this music should be performed. I'm planning on working some more with the trio in the next month or so, and getting some fresh material on the site for promo. We'll update the trio tab when we get everything sorted out.

This year is off to a great start.