Play Less, Think of Nothing
I had two fun gigs last week. A trio gig on Thursday, followed by a solo piano gig on Saturday. So much fun. I can't believe how much stuff I accomplished despite needing to also make time for practice.

I was nervous for the solo gig because I hadn't done solo since New Year's Eve, which I suppose is fairly recent, but this was a bit different. I was performing in a home, for a few guests in close proximity, so I felt my presence would be very substantial. I think the evening ended up being great, and I found a good mind set in which to stay focused.

Firstly, I played very little. I mean that in an improvisatory sense. Normally, when solo, I feel the need to fill the emptiness with more sound. But the opposite is more effective in reality. Leave the silence. It amplifies the music. Play less. The fewer the notes I played, the better they sounded.
Secondly, I did not allow myself to think of time passing. I had 2 sets to fill, but I didn't ever check the time. I sat and played thoughtfully, and waited until eventually the host came to me and asked me if I wanted a break, since I looked tired. I played 80 minutes non-stop. And then another 40 minutes after a break. It was a good performance.