I don't have much interest in purchasing an upright piano anymore. At this point, I feel its either a baby grand, or a grand (gasp!). The places I checked out both have trade in options in case I wanted to upgrade from a 10K piano to a 40K piano. Can you believe I'm talking about those numbers? Maybe I'll wait and get a green car first. We'll see.

Dux, the prodigious producer/keyboardist/engineer/designer has been demonstrating impressive skills during our sessions. I try my best to watch him work. Thing is: two things. 1) He works fast and 2) he works well. I mean that he has a depth of knowledge on so many tools. When he works he auditions ideas to experience the results before committing. For him, its about experimenting with educated guesses. He hears an idea, and implements three or four possible ways of enhancing the sound. It's magical.

Tomorrow's gig will be fun. I haven't played with the trio for a bit. We'll have the exceptional Will Logan subbing in on the drums. I've been preparing some party songs for Saturday's gig, and I think I'm just going to have the trio experiment on a few charts. I want to hear the band play Rihanna, Frank Ocean, and Radiohead tomorrow. It will be joyous. I really can't wait. I don't even want to fall asleep. I just want to play already.