Own Sound
I was very pleased with the music from the Revenant. I was initially surprised to learn that Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto were doing the score. I mean, I wrote my Master's thesis about those two! Experiencing their work on the big screen was very enjoyable.

I'm getting back to work on my Ableton music projects. After hearing the crispness of the electronics, and the depth and richness of good string part writing, I just want to capture those feelings with music. It's weird how we treat music that way. Someone was asking me why we like certain sounds. Composers, I mean. And I figured it had to do with self expression. So many indigenous people from around the world live in societies where body modification was a part of the culture, and an element of expression. Tattoos and piercings could be indicators of origin or beliefs, age, certain rights, and other traditions. Those modifications expressed ideas or beliefs or heritage of a person.

Music works in a similar way, especially for composers. When I hear a sound that I like, I want to own it. I want to use it to craft a musical experience, which really is just a decoration for the passage of time. I want to keep those sounds so that others will listen and experience what I did when I heard the sound. That sound will be a fingerprint. It will mean I was there. I left something behind.