I've made the transition to a vegan diet. A lot of people have made comments about me already being too thin, but this diet isn't about losing weight. It's about being more environmentally friendly, sustainable, and efficient. In order to view myself as an environmentalist, I feel that the only appropriate diet is vegan. I have written a lot more about my thoughts on this and other matters, and soon enough they will be visible on my other site, But for today, its just this.

I feel like my biggest cravings are for taste. But that usually happens when I'm very hungry (which is more often then it should be because I'm a procrastinator and I put off eating for too long and it needs to change). Surprisingly, most of the vegan foods I discover satisfy me extremely well, and have amazing taste. The taste argument falls short, as far as I'm concerned.

I'm still unpacking and getting things organized in my new studio. I need to start cooking, which is a challenge for me because I somehow have this deep opposition to it. I know it's a mental thing; I just need to learn to view it as being just as important as (actually, way more important than) my music.

Speaking of, it's 4 pm, and I haven't eaten since 10 am. Bad start!