I've been thinking about getting an electric car lately. They are pretty pricy, but that's not my biggest deterrent. The mileage per charge is currently not very impressive. The majority of electric cars on the road have less than 100 miles per charge. That's fine for getting to and from work, and charging the car every night. But it becomes more of a challenge when you factor in traveling to Palm Desert, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, and further for gigs. My family is also quite the drive away.

When I was last at the dealership, the sale man told me that buying electric is going to be much more sensible in a few years, as the technology for longer lasting batteries hits the markets, and cars have 200-300 miles per charge. Thus, the thing to do at the moment: lease.

There are a lot of very affordable electric cars available for lease, most with a 36-month contract. That means you can examine the market in three years to see if the cars at that point have longer battery lives. I'm thinking this might be something I do. Keep my gas Chevy for long distance transport (plus the car is already paid off), and then lease an electric car to use to get around.

In terms of cutting back on carbon emissions, getting an electric car is a must. Surprisingly, even more important than that would be cutting out beef and pork from your diet (these animals take up so much land mass as livestock and produce more carbon emissions than the entire transportation sector!). But more on that topic another time.