Global Hunger
I donated to three different global food hunger charities today. I didn't think it would affect me much, but it did. I have extremely strong feelings about trying to stop the downward spiral of destructive practices that seem to dominate our world and are visibly driving us to a real danger as a society. Among the issues that needs to be addressed is global hunger. I often find myself feeling upset and helpless, because it seems that nothing can be done. It makes me so sad that this issue can end today, what with so many billionaires keeping their money locked away in banks, raking in profits from interest. The world could be feed many times over with the excess money and food we produce.

So we have to do something. I donated just a small amount to these charities, but that makes a difference. I did something. And I feel incredible for participating! I already do not eat beef or pork, because those animals require so much food and water to raise and that food should not be used to feed... food. It makes no sense to me.

Today I gave $30. 30 million people in CA alone. If Californians copied my donation, that's $900 million dollars. The US is 300 million. If every American did the same, that amounts to 9 billion bucks, towards ending hunger. So it can be done, if we all pitch in.