Piano + Me
My first piano was a Kawaii baby grand. My father bought it when we lived in Georgia, and I was around seven or eight years old. It was black and boomy, with heavy keys. That was the instrument on which first developed a fondness for piano.

The piano then traveled to California, where it would become my own. Through high school I participated in the jazz program and practiced more and more at home. There came a point when I surpassed my father in musical ability, and he told me the piano belonged to me.

Years later my father bought our second piano. It was a Yamaha upright piano, purchased from a musician friend my dad knew. It was a fantastic instrument, with a brighter sound, and newer. We kept the upright by the front room, and the baby grand in the den. Good times.

Eventually, I needed to get some extra cash to pay for all of my applications to grad school, and my dad said we needed to do something about the baby grand because it took up a lot of space, and they were moving a lot. So we decided to sell it to an uncle, so I could use the money towards applications, and give the rest to my father. That left us with only the upright.

For most of my recent years, I have had only my keyboard, and sporadic access to random pianos (like at the university, or piano studios where I teach). These pianos range from steinway grand pianos to old hanky spinet pianos with broken keys. Sometimes the pianos are kind of gross, being victim to childrens' bodily oral excretions. And sometimes I get complaints because of practicing, depending on where I am and the time of day. But I think that all may change.

I have signed a lease and paid my deposit on a studio space, which I intend to use as my personal piano studio. The unit is its own building, at the back of a small lot, behind the other buildings, used as realtor's offices. Guys, it's its own building. This makes me think I will not likely be receiving sound complaints from neighbors who, in other circumstances, would be sharing a wall with me. I am looking forward to having freedom to practice, uninterrupted, at any time I choose. I'm especially excited about finding the piano that I want. It will be the first time in a decade that I had a real piano all to myself.