Musician Respect
Why do I respect great musicians? It has to do with pursuing common goals. And it has to do with sacrifice.

I respect all kinds of people. Especially hardworking and responsible people. I like to see people doing their job, and treating others nicely. I always do my job, and it upsets me when things go wrong because someone slacked. So what's so important about making music?

I'm not going to answer that.

But I will say that we have never discovered a society of humans without a history of music. It's part of what makes us human; music.

Musicians are craftsmen. They are practitioners of a craft. Yes, it's an art form too, but I like to think of it as a craft. It takes years of study to develop the skills necessary to make good music. Pretty much all of that time spent practicing is not paid for. It is all sacrifice. Let me repeat that. Every moment a musician spends practicing is sacrifice. That translates to years of sacrifice. What for? The pursuit of an idea. To better know oneself. To walk the path of the greats who came before us, and to understand at least a fragment of their journey. To contribute to the tradition. To leave behind a testament. We musicians make music because words cannot express what we feel.