We had a very successful recording session on Sunday. There were a few hours of technical mishaps and frustrations, but we finally started doing takes. It was very rough going in, getting tired, but somehow we managed to create something really nice and genuine. We were calling it quits for the day and took one last take, gearing up to come back another day, but that last take did it! Our sounds melded together, we were listening very carefully to one another. I'm very happy with that recording. We're cleaning it up, and I will guide you to it as soon as I can. Can't wait.

The trio also rehearsed a bunch of new compositions yesterday at AMP rehearsal in LA. These guys are great; they come in prepared so we can make the most of our time working together and practicing. It's so important to be as prepared as possible. The trio is really getting ready to unleash.

I will be subbing at BeatLab Academy this month. I'll be running a production session, a few lessons on live performance, and one on vocal recording. It's gonna be a blast!