Allure of Solo
What is it about solo performance music that I am drawn to? Simple: I have only to rely on myself.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy making music with others. Actually, that's usually more fun. But if I want to do something without any outside factors to consider, the only path is solo. I think that is part of the draw of EDM. A lot of these DJs learn how to do so much on their own. Sure, some of them aren't doing much, but a good number of them have explored lots of means of performance.

For my own solo works, I often consider how I would perform by myself. It's safe to say that the focus would be keyboard/piano. But also glitch effects. Probably to some extent sequenced glitch and drums patterns to keep rhythm. What would be interesting, though, would be to further explore some of the things from my thesis, namely score following and automatic triggers in Max/MSP. I sometimes use a grid controller, and a mixer controller. Yet the freedom to have Max do it all while reading a MIDI score, following my piano playing, allows me the opportunity to focus on my primary instrument.

I'm getting more interested in writing specifically with solo performance in mind. That means leaving some space in the music and considering how I would realize the material in real time. Finger drumming is a lot of fun, and setting up some loops, although I try to avoid too much repetition. I think the ingredient that needs to be revisited and explored the most (for me right now) is Max.