Revisiting Blues Scales
As the title suggests, I am trying my hand again with blues scales. These scales were among the very first things I learned as a piano player, because they made improvising less daunting. I could play these notes in any order, and not sound bad. But of course, its more complicated than that.

I haven't put much effort into revisiting the blues scales in years, mostly, I think, because I associate those scales with beginner tactics. This allegation couldn't be further from the truth.

My last lesson with Vardan was in September, and I had shown him a bunch of original compositions (mostly electronic music works) that had solo sections that vamped a few chords only. I had prepared some ideas that involved lots of chord substitutions and fancy slash chord arpeggios to show him. However, after listening and playing through the materials himself, he offered, "I think the focus here should be blues." And he played the blues over those changes like I didn't know.

I think my earliest approaches with the blues were very one dimensional, and revolved around played notes mostly directionally and locally (i.e. going up or down, and not much range). But to explore the combination of notes in that scale, expand the range, and add a few chromatic notes brings the music to an incredible and very impressive level. So, I'm trying to revisit the blues.